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The Key. « The AWSOM feeling of being a NERD. «

The Key.

Filling the REAL void.

The AWSOM feeling of being a NERD.

July 15, 2011 // by Diogo Kamioka

Those days where being a nerd meant you were some odd, uncool, math/science freak are now gone!

Well, ok, maybe not gone, because most of us are really are all of this. Anyway, now that I am a grown up, and spent all my life being a nerd, I can say. We (nerds) behold an awesome quality. We know things that most of the “mortals” do not. And that my friends, is knowledge.

And sometimes, when we can put that knowledge in good use, well… the feeling after you’ve got something done in a really neat and cool way feels just… AWESOME.

Like today… My aunt had this kinda old notebook laying around, she bought and almost never used. Its a Toshiba, a Pentium Dual 1.6 T2330 / 2GB ram / 160gb HDD… and it has already more or less 2 or so years and came with Windows Vista pre-installed.

Ok, being a Vista already sucked, and it was so sluggish, so slow, and everytime it had problems even the boot time was taking more than 10min. My aunt were so tired of this being a holding back in her life that she decided to give up on this. So I thougth… well, lets try to Ubuntu-it.

First try, usb stick boot with and already downloaded ISO, lets install… something that should be really easy even for a non-NERD today, already became a problem. The usbstick/pendrive wouldnt boot. Well it took me some time to discover that the problem was with my usb stick and not with the notebook at all… So i tried later another one and everything went fine.

Ok, after that noob step, the real tricky one came right after that… The wireless was not working. It was showing as disabled. Ok, i tried to google it first. And noticed that using the command rfkill list┬áit would show me some info I needed.

Fair enough i got the result that my wireless were hard blocked. What was that? Well I had searched around the laptop case, trying to find a switch to turn the wireless on/off… Actually I found it, but it was already on the ON switch. And yes, I tried to switch it forth and back. No good.

After many tries to unlock (enable) the wifi via software I gave up, and tried to do it… the hard(ware) way… got some tools and I opened up the notebook case. I had a feeling that the problem was there, because whenever I tried to swith the wireless on, I didnt felt like it “clicked” correctly it was loose.

And after more or less 20 screws, I could see where the problem was! The switch was broken! So I manually switched it ON and screwed back everything up.

Booted Ubuntu and to see that everything was working OK!

Man, that felt really awesome… To accomplish something using your knowledge, to know what you’re doing without fear of messing with something you don’t have a clue… (like if I were to mess with my car, engine or something like that…) that’s pretty nice… and to see that it worked? Awesome…

Now I am typing it here directly from the Toshibuntu, as I named it. Ah, why the English? Because I really didnt setup the language correctly, so I couldn’t write correctly the accents… like “j’a ‘e tarde…”

Ahh! And i didnt mention, but before I got it posted my wordpress blog was out-of-date. I tried the automatic update and I got my blog non-functional, the auto-update broke it. I had to ssh to my host, use wget to get the latest wordpress (actually its nice that they always relase it under the URL http://wordpress.org/latest.zip) and fix it.

And now… everything is fine… well, so far… so god!


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